Two absurd health trends so far for 2020

Two absurd health trends so far for 2020

The wellness industry worth almost $4 trillion, so it is not surprising that lots of men and women are attempting to jump on board. We have watched different companies try new theories from airlines offering healthy in-flight food to corporate mindfulness applications. We have seen an explosion of trends and products accompanied by promises to increase our health and well-being.

However, for every single trend or product that truly helps us get fitter, there are hundreds, which are simply a flash-in-the-pan trend. Two absurd trends caught our attention this year so far in 2020.

Cow Cuddling

Even though the goat yoga trend appears to be holding steady, there is a new farm animal on the health scene. A farm in upstate New York provides 90-minute treatment sessions with cows (and other states are hopping on the trend, too).


Odds are you’ve seen Instagram”influencers” hawking detox or diet teas, claiming they will help you shed weight and shrink your stomach. Sure, they are tempting to try; after all, tea is healthy for you, is not it? Well, not these kinds of tea.

There aren’t any magic ingredients in those teas, and any success could be attributed merely to the additional water intake from drinking that tea. The only magic in these weight-loss wonders is how they are going to downsize your wallet.