Execute An Extravagant Halloween Work Party

Execute An Extravagant Halloween Work Party

The keys to a wicked work party for Halloween

Halloween is a great time to bring the whole work team together and have some fun.

It’s a time to go a little kooky and spooky, maybe even a little ‘out there’ too.

There’s no better time or excuse for dressing up and having a ball.

One thing to know is that it is definitely NOT the time to be half-hearted. Having a lavish and extravagant Halloween work party is the perfect opportunity. 

There are a few key ingredients when you are putting any Halloween party together, but they’re even more important when it comes to a work occasion.

What you need to make a Halloween work party work

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to turn yourself into someone or even something else.

One great idea to help people feel inspired is to give them a long list of costume ideas (the longer the better).

Here’s a short sample of characters and costumes concepts that could help get the party goers going:

  • A witch (we all love a scary one but there’s more than a few styles to choose from).
  • A vampire (go classic, turn on the Twilight or make up your own version)
  • A zombie (you can now look dead-set great as any number of the undead)
  • A ghost (forget the old white sheet over the head and start with white hot frightening)
  • A demon or devil (the more dramatic the look, the better chance of having a hell of a good time)

Then there are all the wicked types you can think of from movies, TV, books, comics and anything else you can think of. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can get dressed as. 

Remember not to spend like there’s no limit on your funds and that the dressing up feature of Halloween is the key factor to having a good time. No ifs, no buts, no real excuses.

Make the work Halloween party a relaxed one

There are one or two clear rules you need to make for your Halloween work party to really work well.

  1. Don’t put too much pressure on people – they should feel inspired and energised by the whole idea of getting their Halloween rocks off!
  2. Get the extroverts to help the introverts and remind anyone who is shy that no one will recognise them when they’re all dressed up. That’s the beauty of a great costume.
  3. Pair people up to help each other put their Halloween outfits together. It’s always great to have a second opinion and bounce some ideas off.
  4. As the host, go all out with the freak out fun. It doesn’t cost the earth to set the place up to look like something from another world. It could be bats and spider webs from the ceiling, blood spattered floor paint and skeletons hiding in the corners. There are some great tips about hosting a Halloween party online and you can adapt them to your workplace and the work crew that works with you.

Halloween gives you the chance to be less predictable than at Xmas, so try to add as many fun elements as possible – a pumpkin cutting competition or a Trick or Treat within the group can be great party starters.

Add the fun of Halloween contact lenses

Milking the fun of Halloween for all its worth is about going the extra step in the spooky stakes.

There’s nothing quite like the power of quality Halloween contacts to make you look close to the real thing, whatever that thing may be.

Witches, warlocks, vampires, the Undead, you name it, your Halloween costume goes through the roof with the right pair of Halloween costume contact lenses in.

You can have eyes that make you look like you’ve just crawled out of a grave or be so scarily good that you almost put someone in one. Yes, you need to be careful with the power of your Halloween contact lenses. 

There are even super special Sclera contact lenses that can cover the whole eye or you can go for glow in the dark contacts.

Think about who you approach in these sorts of lenses and never creep up behind someone. You could lose your hearing from their shrieks and screams and probably lose a friend in the process.

Whichever pair or pairs you go for, remember to go for quality coloured contacts. 

It’s Halloween, but you don’t want to go through the hell of any infections or eye damage.

Halloween prizes

You won’t have to make a big deal out of it, but prizes go a long way to making Halloween a lot more fun and exciting.

When you’re going down the extravagant path with Halloween themed food and nibblies, full on with the decorations and everyone’s going all the way with their costumes, add a prize or two in the mix.

Of course, there’s always the Best Dressed award but what about Scariest Make-up and a trophy for the Surprise Packet? There is almost always someone at a work function that really shocks you with what they do or wear.

It can be the shy type who really burns up the dancefloor or the quiet one who wears the most lavish outfit. A Halloween work party is the perfect time for those who usually fly under the radar to go sky-high by showing a whole new side to their personality. 

It’s great to reward that courage and their ingenuity.

The prizes can even follow the whole Halloween theme like a pair of Halloween contact lenses if you want to.

Final Halloween tip

There’s one last gem of advice for any Halloween work party and that’s to remind everyone that it’s a Halloween party. No one wants or needs to talk about work. 

Talking shop all night is definitely one of the number one party mood killers and that last thing you want is to be haunted by work conversations.

With the right setting and by setting up a few ground rules and the right atmosphere, you can all have a great Halloween that’s one to remember for all the right reasons.